Spring, the New Summer

Just to add to my fun vax facts, you can still get COVID if you’re vaccinated, you just won’t die of it!  Also, you can still transmit it to others if you don’t continue to wear a mask and distance.  And if you’ve gotten the virus and survived, your immunity won’t be sufficient and lasting if you don’t then get the vaccine.  If you get the vax after contracting COVID, your reaction to the shot may be more pronounced, because your immune response may be greater, but you’ll have better immunity going forward.  So far, all three vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J, appear to be adequate against the latest stronger variants of the virus.

Back at the fort, it’s headed for 75º out, and very conducive to getting stuff done.  I re-tilled and edged my new expanded fence bed, and did other gardeny jobs, earning myself an IPA.  Soon I’ll sow salad greens there, and later, lots of annual cutting flowers.  E continued to work on the side porch, which is coming along nicely.

Lots more flowers are blooming.


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