Springing Back

It feels so different to be vaccinated.  Not physically; we just experienced some localized muscle discomfort and other minor effects.  Mostly, we feel not quite as marginalized, more included and hopeful.  We weren’t sure we’d ever get there.  Just one more shot each to go.  Then of course we’ll still continue to take all the precautions, to protect others who aren’t vaccinated.

Not much else exciting to report.  E continued to work on the “deck” project, and finished mowing the property.  Lots of flowers and trees are blooming, with temps back in the 70s.

Today is the last day of Pesach (yay) and also Easter.  In an ecumenical gesture, I made these.

E is preparing to make the traditional end-of-Pesach pizza, and I’m looking forward to drinking some chametz (whiskey)!



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