69, the NOT Sexy Kind

Impeachment acquittal was of course a forgone conclusion, requiring a 2/3 Senate majority, though a simple majority would have absolutely convicted trump.  To be fair, more repubs than ever joined dems in voting to convict.  But  predictably, most repubs used a bogus unconstitutional legal technicality as their excuse to acquit, though the shameful facts were right in their faces.  They will have to live with their complicit guilt.

It’s dispiriting, but all is not lost–the many criminal and civil cases against trump are still to come.  I have to keep telling myself that he and his accomplices can’t get away with their crimes and derelictions forever, and history will reveal the truth.  What a time to be living through.

And speaking of surviving, I’m about to reach that infamous but definitely not sexy number 69.  Practically on my deathbed!  But I plow on.  I hope to reach the other side of COVID still alive.  We’ll see how that goes.  Where there are crocuses (even the cold, shivering variety), there is hope.




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