Impeach, Take Two

It’s almost painful to watch such disingenuous twisting of semantics and context to distract from the real point of this impeachment trial.

Fighting for justice and human rights is not the same as inciting savages to attack and kill and pillage in the name of suppressing our lawful voting process.  These idiots assume everyone operates under their same disconnect from reality and hypocritical ethical standards.  They keep their members in line with oppressive threats to their political futures, so they don’t dare do the right thing in the face of indisputable facts that they themselves witnessed.

In any normal court of law, these unscrupulous and manipulative tactics would never stand up to scrutiny, but these are not normal times.  An American president can get away with treasonous violence and be made to look like the victim here.  This is the precedent they want to set.  Still, it’s not over yet.  There are undoubtably more crimes and misdemeanors to be revealed.

Misu helped me write this opinion and approves this message.  Also, here is a yummy homemade from scratch sourdough bread by E.

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