Winter Solstice Cheers and Blues

The good news is, the days start getting longer after today.  That’s one small ray of light at the end of a black wormhole of unnecessary deaths resulting from heedless, reckless behavior.

Millions of Americans are choosing to ignore the skyrocketing cases and death toll, in order to travel and congregate as usual at this worst possible time.  Hospitals and makeshift morgues are overloaded beyond capacity.  Apparently we don’t want to live or let our loved ones live to see another spring or each other again.

Maybe Nature got tired of being assaulted and ravaged, and went all Darwinian on our ass, letting us go ahead and reduce our own overpopulation of unfit, stupid DNA.  Unfortunately, sometimes it takes something this drastic to get our attention.  If it does.

Sorry to be so morbid, but this is real, not a game.  I too would like to see loved ones before I die, and see people get back to their lives.  I realize some folks don’t have much choice or access to adequate precautions, but those who do need to exercise good judgment and patience, for everyone’s sake.  We’ve done it before in our history of wars, plagues, depressions, and terrorism, and we can do it now.

And now back to some sunrise scenes on this first of winter.




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