TN’s Claim to Fame

Today’s not-so-trivial trivia: Tennessee now has the severest outbreak rate and highest risk of COVID per capita, and rising, a dubious achievement.  No surprise there, given the lack of concern of leaders and citizens alike with science reality here, but all the more disturbing.  It’s “herd mentality” at its worst.

Right now TN has over 8,000 new cases per day, for a total of over 503,000 so far.  We have 80 new deaths per day, for a total of almost 6,000 so far.  For a less populous state, that’s extremely high.  It means you probably know at least one loved one or friend who is dying or dead by now.  It has to hit close to home and personally before some people take this seriously, when it’s too late.

PLEASE STAY HOME if at all possible, and continue to take all precautions.  Do not get complacent or fatalistic.  When the vaccines become available to your risk tier, for most of us in 2021, get them!  They are authorized, safe, and our best shot [pun intended] at beating this dangerous virus.  Only when the majority of people are vaccinated properly will herd immunity start to kick in, and some normality return.

Sorry about the somber PSA, but this virus is no joke.  Our response does make a difference.

In more whimsical news, here is Misu’s entertaining squirrel-o-vision.  The squirrels just ignore her.


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