Cold and Less Cold

It’s one thing for your average nobody like me to hunker down and go dormant as winter during a pandemic closes in, the only sensible response IMHO, but not appropriate at all for our psychopath-in-chief to sulk and seethe in his bunker like a big baby, while our country is under attack, whether it be cyber, viral, or from economic distress.

As if that were not enough, our legit Pres.-elect Biden has to dodge repub. obstructions at every turn just to proceed with the routine transition of power.  It’s reprehensible.  I hope trump gets slammed with every criminal/civil conviction he deserves, and all his groveling sycophants with him.

Here’s a cold view from the warmer side of my window, and some herbs under grow lights, under which (not shown) is the very sensible Misu sleeping in her window bed.




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