Heat and Light

It says a lot that Pres-elect Biden is already getting his COVID task force and other strategies in gear, whereas our loser-in-chief is still sulking and refusing to concede to reality.  They’ll have to evict his bunker bitch ass and go in with HAZMAT teams to decontaminate the WH before it’s safe to move in.

This country is in for an uphill battle to regain common decency and restore basic services, never mind re-establish cooperation with the rest of the world.  But at least there’s some light ahead now.

Speaking of light, it’s a hot, sunny day, headed for the 80s in November!  It’s almost too hot to work outside, but that won’t stop me.  Yesterday I added more cedars to the front line, and more redbuds to the shadier property line.  I have a few more to go to finish up the tree lines, plus a holly and some tuliptrees.  I won’t live to see my future “forest”, but I can imagine one.

Meanwhile, the present is looking more hopeful.



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