Hope for a Change

There was a world block party all day and night after the announcement.  Not only in every major (and minor) city, but across the world, sharing in our good news.  There were fireworks, and people crying with relief, and children witnessing possibilities.

We too were glued to our screen, waving our little flags (US and Pride) in solidarity, mesmerized by this historical phenomenon of thousands of people rejoicing (with masks, on for the most part) in the streets.  It looked like scenes after WWII was declared over.  I feel like maybe I can sleep again, and wake up to some hope for a change.

It will take time and work just to get back on track and undo some of the damage done, but it’s a start.  Obviously half of our country is not ready for adulting yet, having fallen under trump’s vicious spell and turned into savage deluded toddlers.  We have a lot of ground to make up, starting with taking this deadly pandemic seriously.  Thousands are dying each day now in the US.  But at least now we can give science a chance.

Even nature looks brighter today.  The leaves are falling like rainbow confetti.  The sky seems bluer.  It’s going to be 80º today and tomorrow!  Summer in November.

It reminds me of a song from much simpler times.  In a way we’ve come full circle, back to square one.  There’s not much more to lose, or depths to sink to.  Nowhere to go but up.

“Dancing in the Street”, Martha and the Vandellas, 1964
Calling out around the world
Are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer’s here and the time is right
For dancing in the street
They’re dancing in Chicago (dancing in the street)
Down in New Orleans (dancing in the street)
In New York City (dancing in the street)
All we need is music, sweet music
There’ll be music everywhere
There’ll be swinging, swaying, and records playing
Dancing in the street
Oh, it doesn’t matter what you wear
Just as long as you are there
So come on, every guy, grab a girl
Everywhere around the world
They’ll be dancing (dancing in the street)
They’re dancing in the street (dancing in the street)
It’s an invitation across the nation
A chance for folks to meet
There’ll be laughing, singing, and music swinging
Dancing in the street
Philadelphia, PA (dancing in the street)
Baltimore and D.C. now (dancing in the street)
Can’t forget the Motor City (dancing in the street)…

Way down in L.A. (dancing in the street)
Every day, they’re dancing in the street (dancing in the street)
Let’s form a big, strong line (dancing in the street)
Get in time, we’re dancing in the street (dancing in the street)
Across the ocean blue (dancing in the street)
Me and you, we’re dancing in the street (dancing in the street)
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Marvin Gaye / William Stevenson / Ivy Hunter
Dancing In The Street (Stereo) lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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