Blinded by Science

Our white trash-in-chief thinks science is a dumb hoax, and it will all be fine.  A deadly virus killing hundreds of thousands of us, horrific fires torching the whole west caused by climate change, unprecedented increases in destructive hurricanes, you name it, it will all blow over and go away, in his shrunken excuse for a brain.  You’d have to be blind not to see the cause and effect.  This dangerous juvenile delinquent needs to go.  And that’s my mini-rant for today.  Back to real science.

The “Thorny Badlands II” is quite thorny and badass right now.  I’ve started clearing around each tree, and in the process discovering all sorts of cool plant life amongst the weeds and briars.  It’s pretty wild out there right now, but by next spring it should be starting to look more like a natural habitat, with native trees, wildflowers, and grasses.  Here are some snapshots, including some tiny “Mammoth” sunflower seedlings I planted in front, starting to bloom.

Here are some brilliant flowers blooming around the house: tropical hibiscus, native coneflower, zinnias, and roses.

I think the wild grapes and pokeweed berries along the back fence are really very photogenic, despite what some people think of those “weeds”.  The birds love them.

Finally, the morning glories are creating a screen of rainbow colors along the fence.  Most of all the aforementioned have volunteered on their own; I just sit back and enjoy the show.


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