The Expanding Garden

Just this one PSA and then I’ll get back to the garden.

On the off chance anyone is reading this, PLEASE think before deciding you’re done with coronavirus, because it’s definitely not done with us.  In fact it’s getting worse since states are opening up, and more young people are getting it, with severe complications.  You can’t just take your chances and hope for immunity, it doesn’t work like that.  Our infant-in-chief is a selfish moron, but we don’t have to sink to his level.  The more we mask and distance, the sooner we can all get back to work and to our families and friends.  This is not a joke.  Thank you.  And now back to our regular program.

I keep harvesting piles of these purple pole beans, and now the green ones have begun.  (They all cook up green.)  The yellow rows are flowering pumpkin plants from seed I saved from Ohio pumpkins I grew here.  So far no actual fruits, but I can wait.

I’ve been expanding and improving garden beds, because running out of room, plus lawns suck.  I’m continuing to germinate new veg, herb, and flower seedlings to transplant.

The one lone sunflower keeps expanding.  The balloon flowers and zinnias are happier this year.


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