Autumn, Southern-Style

It’s getting a bit nippy out now, what Southerners probably refer to as “freezing”.  So far I’ve been able to keep the house relatively warm through clever solar light adjustment and addition of clothing layers.  And still most of the trees are green, just shedding a few brown leaves.  I’m still harvesting peppers, and the fall/winter greens I planted are thriving.  I guess folks with fireplaces will be firing up soon.  It’s different, down here.

Meanwhile, feline turf wars, well, pussy standoffs, continue, as Not-Our-Kitty defends her house and porch from marauding invaders, i.e. the extremely friendly black cat from next door.  I feel sorry for him, but he’s obviously well-fed.  As is “ours”.  She must be an Aquarius; she sucks up copious quantities of water in any form, from the faucet, buckets of rainwater, saucers, as long as it’s clean.  She’s very particular about her food and drinks.

Here are some early morning flowers and black cat.


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