Birthday Bash on the Town

My son’s birthday was spectacular on all counts.  I believe he had a good day and evening, and he certainly showed us a good time on the town (Knoxville).  We were honored to be able to share his day.

First we went over to his house, and with lots of help from the kids, set up and decorated for his party, while he got stuff done and took a break.  Here is the apple pie I baked for him (“we really do like pie”), and flowers from our garden.

Later, we drove (with E as D-Driver) to meet his friend C. at UnCorked wine bar for drinks and dinner.


Next, we experienced the unique Peter Kern Library, an authentic sophisticated speakeasy at the Oliver Hotel, with their distinctive crafted drinks in an historic prohibition atmosphere.

Then we took a stroll across the colorful walkway to the iconic Sunsphere, rode to the top, and looked out at the bright city panorama at night.

Next, we checked out the World’s Fair park play fountains, and ran around in them, which was a blast.


Then, we sat up on the Moonshine Roof Garden of Preservation Pub, with the Magic Beer Tree and flamingoes under the stars, overlooking Market Square with all its pubs, cafés, and shops, drinking beers.  There was music, a nice breeze, and good conversation.

Finally, we strolled past the graffiti art alley, talked to some strange street people, and stopped into Clancy’s (Irish)Tavern and Whiskey House for some final drinks.

It was already after midnight when we all said our goodnights and went our separate ways.  I hope Avdi’s birthday was as wonderful for him as it was for us.  I wish for many more together.

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