The DIY State

No, that is not a gargoyle on our roof.

One thing we’re learning about our new home–if you want something done, you do it yourself.  So far, each contractor we’ve tried to give business to has totally flaked out on us.  It’s either broken down equipment, employee screw-ups, or just plain lack of business professionalism.  Not unlike the so-called medical “professionals” we’ve dealt with so far.

In this latest case, the roof, which was shoddily done by the contractor under warranty in the first place, was leaking into our bathroom.  Long story short, E had to go out and buy a ladder, get up on the roof herself to see what supplies she needed, go back to Lowes (our other home) to get the parts, then back up on the roof to fix it in a few minutes.  Job done.

We (i.e. E, while I hold the ladder) do most of the repairs and maintenance needed on our house anyway, to save money, but as it turns out, we’re better off, here in the DIY State.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work with healthcare, but you do what you gotta do to survive.

Not complaining, just stating facts.  I think the “volunteer” in Volunteer State means you volunteer to git’er done yourself!  You’re on your own.


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