Monsoon, Continued…

Yesterday evening we watched the kids so my son and granddaughter could go see my oldest granddaughter’s band perform in Nashville.  The monsoon let up a little, but then resumed in force overnight, with intense thunderstorms.  I didn’t know this far inland we’d need boats to get around!  Fortunately, both our places are up on hills.

Lots of flowers (and a baby toad) were out in force up in the woods, during one of the rare breaks in the rain.

My oldest Gson (not pictured) and I got to spend some good time talking and hanging out.  I always enjoy his company and insights (he’s intelligent beyond his years), and will miss our little sessions when he’s gone.  So I try to get the most out of our visits while I can.  I wish all the best for all my Gkids, older and younger, in whatever they pursue.


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