Voting in a Red State

I will say up front, at least in Ohio they entered my party affiliation correctly, no problems.  Here, we had already heard reports of polling places loading the wrong party ballot (Repub, of course) and voters having to set them straight.  The concern is that less alert voters might get duped.  So we were a bit nervous going in.

And sure enough, I clearly stated my affiliation, and it turns out they entered the opposite.  So I get to the machine and it has the wrong ballot.  They were nice enough, though clueless, trying to sort it out with the help of their dummies’ manual, and eventually got it right.  I must have been one of their few, so they just auto-uncorrected in their minds!  Hopefully my vote went through properly.  I just hope less alert voters don’t get duped.  It is a concern.

Ironically, E managed to just slide through without any problems, which is not her standard experience.  She had to stand around waiting while they got mine right.  There were only a few machines, fewer voters, and no voter privacy, but that seems to be the culture down here.  Anyway, that was our first vote in TN.  Hopefully the state primary in August will go more smoothly.


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