Crystal World

After another “winter event” last night, we awakened to a white, ice-crystal world.  It’s always amusing to see the frosty artwork on the inside of the panes (through which cold air pours in).  A house with real windows and insulation will seem like a luxury.  (Also a functional roof is hopefully in the works.)

Some poor souls (girls) across the street are attempting to maneuver heavy furniture into a small U-haul van in these icy conditions (moving out occurs regularly around here), and we’re just hoping we’ll get a short reprieve when our time comes, and that our help will show up.  It’s hard to come by around here, let me tell you.

At least this supposed bug that has taken residence in me for a week timed itself conveniently during this period of suspenseful waiting for our house deal to resolve.  There’s nothing we can do but sit it out up here.  Which works out, because all I can do is listlessly drape myself over things and feel half-dead.  And try to limit my exposure to the #shithole-in-chief.

It’s all good.

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