Taking Care of Business

Today we ran around taking care of pre-move business.  Some scenes were almost tearjerkers, as E has done business with some of these people for decades, and they’ve been like family to her.  They were all duly invited to visit and stay with us down south.  I know, sounds like a scenario from the early 20th, when average people lived in the same area their whole lives.  Yes, that happened.

It was almost 60 degrees out, as frenzied Kroger shoppers careened around in a panic brought on by this next forecasted wave of wintry havoc.  They don’t know what to do with this kind of extreme weather rollercoaster.  They’ve never lived in blizzard alley.  But even New England is freaking out about this latest monster nor’-easter from hell.  Nothing will be “normal” any more, with climate change.

Everything appears to be in order and full speed ahead with our mortgage, inspections so far, and other transactions.  Affording this whole process has been challenging, but we’ll squeak by.

Here is a rainy morning sky, and a fresh stir-fry (for over Asian noodles) I made.




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