After almost four years of waiting, in two days we finally found a home in TN, with much help from our extremely patient agent Tracy, and the good folks at Southland Books and Café, which I dare say is our new HQ.  The house is a small, modest cottage, with an acre (!) of land to play around with.  Inside, it’s a totally clean slate in which to start over.  We’re just awaiting the inspection, then a sigh of relief.

The best part of the trip for me was getting to see my son and three of my grandkids.  The latter and I had a blast playing and catching up, while Avdi and E talked.  I was having a lot of anxiety in general, and specifically on this trip, but seeing them made me feel a whole lot better.  I hope it did for them, too.  Any chance I get with them between now and when they must move on to Florida is high-priority and vital.  After that, no telling when I’ll get to see my family again.

Here are some highlights of the trip: TN mountains, Bell the Bulldog Bookstore Manager of Southland, my family carousing in the motel (yes, the bathroom, because why not), and the Skullies celebrating the event with a good NC Hi-Wire strongman coffee milk stout.

Erev cheers.  To next month or so in our new home.




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