Making Do

Thinking the coast was clear, I finally got out to mow the front lawn, when suddenly from nowhere, all the hillbillies showed up, set up their bleachers on the front step (smoking and spitting), and ignored the kids trampling my flower garden, right in front of me.  (They throw all the rocks from my garden out in the lawn.)  The whole vast backyard was available for them to play in, but no, it had to be right where I’m mowing.

At least the kids are still friendly to me, despite their mother constantly warning them about “those women”.  I gave the little girl a rose.  I had to put all my stuff away and go back in.  I know it’s surrender, but I can’t function this way.

Living like this sucks, which is why we just want to go somewhere and have some privacy.  I’ve never seen so many ignorant savages in one place.  I know our final home won’t be perfect, but I promise I’ll try my best not to whine and bitch after we move.  I’ll be too busy making up for lost time, soaking up the luxury of simply being able to grow things and maintain them, without hecklers in our face.

I did manage to rescue some flowers, plus ones E got me.  All our vases are packed in boxes, but I’ve learned to improvise.  It’s amazing what you can make do with on a daily basis.  But it’s hard to live without basic dignity and security.  Those should be human rights, but they’re not to be taken for granted.  I’m experiencing what many people live like in this country, and it’s enlightening—and getting worse, with trump & co. in power.

Anyway, we’re still alive, so that’s something.


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