Sometimes life seems like one painful setback after another, coinciding for the harshest effect possible.  Nobody has died, yet it feels like a deep loss, with all the symptoms of grieving and hopelessness.  Still, maybe the unfortunate timing is for the best.

The unforeseen added delay to our qualifying for a home loan, on top of my family’s parting of ways and destinations, is forcing me to be brutally honest with myself, and reexamine my basic motivations for everything.  All the props and hopes fall away, leaving just the truth of things.  Better to face them and deal with it now, once and for all, not down the road.

So here we are, dreading another winter in this bleak place, with no certain destination after all.  But  we’ll use this setback to our advantage and resolve it one way or another.  We’ll make this work.  We don’t have the luxury of time or money for retakes.

Happy third to us.



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