Gearing Up

Today we bought a hand truck and a light cordless drill.  I know, exciting, right?  But it’s one step closer to our move.  E has been removing everything from the walls and spackling holes.  We’re busily packing boxes of stuff.  It’s looking mighty white around here!


We also dropped by our favorite little hardware shop in Yellow Springs for other supplies, just to patronize the locals.  While in town, we checked up on the progress of renovations at our Tavern HQ.  We miss hanging out there.  The new sign was up, at least.

Today while paying the rent, the realtor lady asked us how our downstairs neighbors are working out.  Ha!  We had been planning not to say anything until closer to our move, but that opened the floodgates!  There are so many health, safety, structural, and security issues for them to be concerned about.  We asked her to please not bring us up in any inquiry or inspection, or the tenants will almost certainly retaliate against us.  We just want to get out of here intact.

The good news is, it’s been pouring and windy, so the air is cleared and the garden is happy.




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