Some Pesach staples—potato kugel, matzah meal pancakes (in this case savory Indian-style), the obligatory (for obvious reasons) dried fruit assortment, the miraculously omnipresent “maturing” charoset, and flowers from the garden.

Here’s a paradox—though this is the poorest (financially) I’ve ever been, the flip side is that I now have the time to observe Pesach customs, albeit in their simplest, most humble form.  It used to be so hectic, expensive, and confined to what little time and opportunity I was afforded.  Now, I have enforced free time, and a bonus captive audience who appreciates every little unfamiliar thing.  What better incentive to get inventive with my own personal reinterpretations and adaptations.  I actually feel fortunate that I’ve been constrained by circumstances to keep it basic and essential, eliminating the “schmaltz”-factor.  Even with all the setbacks, past and future, we’re still much more fortunate than many people in the world.

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