Food, Drugs, Etc.

E outdid herself again with her famous savory Italian pie.  If I reveal the ingredients, I’ll have to kill you.  If you look closely, you’ll make out the L.  L really made out!


So that’s the food section of today’s blahgpost.  Not much to report on the seedling front since yesterday.  So here are some more flowers coming up too early, courtesy of our local wildflowers group–a pre-1620s heirloom daffodil, and a wild snow trillium.

As for animals, here are a frog (wood?) and spotted salamander sighted by our local herping group.  Apparently amphibians and reptiles have been out in droves, earlier than usual.  There are an amazing number of amphibian species around here.

Another local nature and wildlife photography group took these recent shots of a Cooper’s Hawk and a Great Horned Owl (possibly sitting on eggs).  You see many types of raptors in this area, overseeing vast feed croplands.

I feel pretty speechless these days (in between outraged rants), so I guess the point of these harmless little trifles is to demonstrate life going on in some form (human or otherwise), despite all the horrifying affronts and assaults on our lives.  Some days you just have to keep going, shut out the crap, and hold onto the simple good stuff that’s still around.

For example, as of today I can no longer afford the few generic drugs I’m supposed to be on, because I’m Officially Old (according to Medicare).  The irony.  I had already halved my dosages to make them last longer (and hopefully halve the bad side effects) so I have quite a stockpile!  I hate questionable chemicals anyway, so it’s probably for the best.  I never want to become like my parents, eating more pills than food.  I’ll probably last longer without meds.  This helpful graph sums it up.

“Always look on the bright side…”  (Yes, you.)




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