A typical day in the life…

E is making homemade egg noodles for a special dinner for our friend Rex who’s coming over later.  Here they are drying.  Mama mia.

Here are my seedling babies going wild.  I see salad in our future.  Coming soon… more dill and chives on the windowsill.

Here is Breakfast of Champions by lava light.  Because.

Thanks to a birthday gift card from The Bobs, I finally own these scifi classics and additional Sherman Alexie books.  This should keep us off the streets.

And last but not least, here are your daily required minimum cute endangered animals (and writing quota).

A final note: I know it sounds like a lazy, idyllic life.  Not all is what it seems.  It can be challenging here in our “waiting room”.  We are learning to be resourceful with what we’ve got, and make the most of things under the restricted circumstances.  It’s been like a lab experiment, or boot camp.  A lot of processing happens behind the scenes.  But life must go on, and what better opportunity to learn new life skills while we’re stuck here for the time being.

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