While E is doing “top secret” kitcheny things for some upcoming occasion, I’ve been banished to outer space, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to delve deeper into the “kooky” corners of our little habitat.  It’s all G-rated, don’t worry.  (Just channeling my inner toddler.)


Our bathroom has crabs!  (Marylander and Proud.)  And rubber duckies!


As promised, yet another photo of my new baby seedlings.


And some other herbaceous pets.


Here are bats, presiding over booze.  Because you can never have too many bats in your belfry.


Here are some seashells and rocks.  My trademark.


Some more animals and skeletons, just hanging.

In fact, a lot of just hanging happens in our little waiting room.  But never fear…

 Spring is Coming.    Or, if that seems like a distant improbability—


(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)  (NOT a hint.)





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