Still Here

Coincidentally, two shows we watched on Netflix last night happened to be about inaugurations—one was a movie that took place during Obama/Biden, and one was the fictional Bartlet on West Wing.  Both seemed like something nostalgic from a far, far better time in history.  Now here we are back in medieval times.  This is a crazy time machine ride.  I’m just watching for it to all collapse, and hoping we all survive the disaster.

Is it just me, or do those Trump family people look like a bunch of mannequins or androids?  (Note, I didn’t say “dummies”.)  There’s nobody home behind those dazed eyeballs–or are there little Putins hiding in there?  Do they dream of electric sheep?  Time will tell…

Anyway, while waiting for the other shoe to drop, life must go on.  Right now it’s 61° in Ohio in January–it’s actually warmer today than where we’re moving in TN!  For the first time in a while, we took a walk in a local park, Russ Nature Reserve.  It was very green.  Here are some shots of a nest, some cool fungi, and an uprooted tree sculpture.  Enjoy nature while you still can.


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