Officially Oldster

I spent almost a whole day at the cardiologist getting my stress test, echo, other cardio stuff, and a monitor.  I’m about to go on Medicare next year.  I feel like I’m my own parents.  Been there, done that.  So weird.  But I had fun with the staff, joking around, and watching my heart pumping away.  Not quite as fun as watching a fetus.

In between tests, we were allowed to go grab lunch (and the caffeine I had had to forgo), so we tried out Jeet India.  Yum!  They had everything!  There was even gulab jamun, one of many sweets on their menu, and good old Kingfisher Beer!  After getting stuffed, we checked out their little grocery shop in the back.  They even had little glass bottles of Thums Up, the Indian cola.  So nostalgic.  It somewhat made up for the sinking feeling I get following in my parents’ medical footsteps.

Now I’m walking around with electrodes and jumper cables, like some kind of car battery.  But at least I’m not as decrepit as some of the derelicts who shambled in and out of that office.  I plan to die way before I get there.  😉





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