YS Street Fair

We had a blast at the Yellow Springs Street Fair, a big beer, food, and crafts extravaganza.  They close the streets and set up beer gardens, craft tents, ethnic street foods of all kinds, and lots of music.  There was a beautiful Alpaca mother and her baby, plus Alpaca fiber clothing and products.  There were all kinds of gorgeous handmade jewelry, Indian clothing, and fabulous crafty stuff beyond description.  We ate felafel and kafta with strong coffee at a Lebanese food stand, sponsored by St. Ignatius of Antioch Maronite Catholic Church, where the Lebanese grill guy was hamming it up for the audience.  He had me loudly announcing to the crowd (between choking on my felafel while trying to talk) how wonderful the food was, which seemed to draw even more customers!  Free advertising!  It was hilarious.  I got a Ye Olde Trail Tavern commemorative beer cup filled with a craft beer on tap, and a handmade pottery coffee mug that I’ve been looking for, on sale.  (A lot of my sentimental value one-of-a-kind china and pottery got smashed by the USPS en route to Ohio.)  E got a pretty blue Indian top.  We strolled around the streets and lanes with beer and drinks, admiring all the unaffordable shiny stuff.  There was a crazy old truck completely covered with iconic fiction figures and characters, including Stonehenge.  We stopped in at Ravenwood to stock up on smudges and incense, and talk to our pagan friends.  We watched a diverse cross-section of people from many persuasions and backgrounds out in force.  It’s one of the few chances you get in Ohio to mingle with people from more progressive lifestyles, and not feel like you’re an alien or freak.  There’s a certain freedom in being poor and not being able to afford much; you appreciate all the little things that money can’t buy.  A challenging but useful skill to learn.  All in all, a good day.

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