Erev Still Lives

You can interpret that subject header any way you like!  Some typical still life scenes in prep for erev.  Note the homegrown sweet pimento pepper.  And of course the ubiquitous obligatory flowers!

Meanwhile, E is plotting another new bread in her secret lab.  This one rose overnight out on the warm landing, so it may be semi-sourdough, we’ll find out.  More pics later.

I want to add that, as frustrating as it’s been having to delay our move for technical difficulties, which time will fix, the forced delay has inadvertently provided us with a training period in many aspects of life, from psychological to culinary!  It would take a whole separate post to describe the difficult but necessary and productive changes it has put us through.  It’s like we ourselves have been in an experimental test kitchen (a very small one!), being tweaked, twisted, punched, risen, and baked, until proven if not perfected.  We hope to pass along our new improved results when we finally get there.

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