Still Lives

Is it “still lifes” when it’s “art”, or “still lives”?
Anyway, it could be applied to these flower scenes, or to our life right now, but either way it’s an art form of sorts.  The art of being still here now and not going crazy.

My back has been killing me for days, so it’s going to be a pretty “still” Shabbat, but not much keeps me down.  Can’t complain.  E [partly due to my Evil Plan 😉 ] is happily engrossed in Sherman Alexie (and other authors), so that keeps her mind active while she’s still.  Of course the Skullies are experts in the zen of stillness.  And if I had a ‘shine still… OK, enough with the puns!

Well, off I hobble to the scene of my crime, the kitchen.  Happy Erev!  Or hoppy, as the case may be…Why look! here’s a still life of some session IPA now!  Crafty.  😉

Picture0819161122_4 Picture0819161122_3 Picture0819161122_2 Picture0819161122_5 Picture0819161122_1   Picture0819161146_1

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