Clouds, Flowers, and Bakery

On the way to our Equitas meeting in Dayton yesterday evening, the sky was very photogenic. (The city itself is tiny and mostly abandoned.)  The meeting was good, too.  They are working on many essential health projects for that neglected  community.  We are privileged to be included in this group.

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Today, during a break from a week of rain, lots of flowers are happy.  It’s a jungle out there.

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Meanwhile, back in E’s baking lab, her latest creations:  beautiful poppy/raisin challot, and her famous Italian savory pie, sort of like a quiche, with a lattice top.  When I first came to Ohio, E baked one of the latter for me, and since then has improved upon it.  Note the heart.  🙂  All the hiking in the world (which we’re not doing in this sauna) won’t burn these calories, but it’s worth it.  YOLO.


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