L42’s Tropical Ohio Almanac News

It seems we’re now in an extended unseasonably warm, wet spell here in Ohio, and I suspect elsewhere.  It’s like a steamy rainforest.  One minute it’s sweltering in the sun, next minute it’s a violent t-storm.  The whole July 4th weekend was rainy, which rarely happens.  The northeast (NJ, etc.) is issuing heat warnings already.  I heard they had tornado warnings there, which is very unusual.  The climate is definitely changing.

But hort-freak that I am, I can’t be caged or daunted.  A little bit wilted, perhaps.  I’m happy to see my honeybee repopulation plan is working.  The native orange day-lilies are going nuts, as is my native perennial flower garden.  The rose of sharon is covered with lovely lavender flowers, and the trumpet vine is blooming deep red.  The hummers are happy!  I’m transforming the neighbor’s tangle into a botanical landscape.

My evil scheme is working!  I’m determined to leave toxic Ohio a little more natural by the time I leave.  Look out TN, when I am unleashed upon you!

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