Back at the ‘stead

We’re practicing for our future homestead life.  While E was busily processing a harvest of greens from the garden, and trying her hand at making parathas (Indian flatbreads), I was out mowing the “vast estate” (both yards) and watering both gardens.

Here are some photos of (in no particular order): the wildflower hedge, the heirloom corn row, the huge assorted summer squash and cucumber plants (yellow and green squashes already forming), the perennial herbs and tomato plants (with baby green tomatoes) behind the house, celery and carrot flowers on plants I grew from produce, the white jasmine buds getting ready to bloom on my tree(!!), and a big blue weed thing that appeared on our front lawn, and is actually really pretty, though probably an evil invasive.

This will be our last garden project in Ohio, so making it count.  Next year whatever makes it through the winter will be our garden, as we gear up to find a house in TN.  Then all this practice will serve us (and family) well in our new home.

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