Keeping it Natural, Here at the Almanac

Birds have finally found my bird sanctuary!  (Well, technically the neighbor’s, for whom I made it.)  So far it’s just your average common scavenger birds, but I’m hoping to attract more diversity to this neglected corner of the world.  I was spoiled by the vast assortment of species normally found in NJ and MD, but apparently discouraged here.  My work is cut out for me.  Even the squirrels here are few and not very proactive.  But we do have a big fat groundhog wobbling around eating everything, so that’s universal.

Here are some scenes around the yard after I mowed ours and the neighbor’s, just before it started thundering and misting up.  The birds are still too shy around humans to catch them in the act, but I’ll have them eating out of my hand in no time.  We ourselves have been eating lots of salads from the garden.  Out front I’m keeping it mostly annuals, since we’re not staying here long, but out back all my native and perennial wildflowers are coming up along the fences.  It should be looking even more colorful soon.

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