Gardeny Things

Today I did garden things, yay!

First I planted my tomato and pepper seeds indoors—five heirloom varieties of each.

Next, since it was in the 50s out, I dug a long narrow bed along the backyard side fence and worked my homemade aged compost into it.  After a little more prep, eventually I’ll plant all my perennials and native wildflowers along it.  Later, I’ll do the same along the back fence, planting two varieties of heirloom corn, and a mix of sunflowers.

Lastly, I cleaned up and raked the front shade bed, where all my shade perennials are coming up.  I will add more spring bulbs, and a mix of shade perennials, wildflowers, and annual herbs.

Soon, I’ll plant the perennial herbs that wintered over indoors along the back of the house, where it’s sunny and sheltered.  We may put a tomato trellis up there, too.

Tomorrow it will be in the 60s, so we’re going to pick up supplies for the second raised vegetable bed, parallel to the first, out back.  Some veggies and herbs from last year are coming back up in the original bed.  All my indoor seedlings (which are all germinating!) and direct-sow seeds will go out there as soon as it’s warm enough.  Our frost-free date here in SW Ohio (zone 6A) is a whole month earlier than the east/mid-atlantic, hard to believe!  So instead of mid-May, it’s mid-April.

I just realized my blog is turning into a farmer’s almanac of sorts, but that’s ok.  Gardening is my therapy.  I feel so much saner afterwards.

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