Mexican Birthday

E’s friend and former co-worker, who is from Mexico, came over for dinner, which was, you guessed it, an attempt at pseudo-Mexican cuisine.  She said it was genuinely good, and swore she wasn’t just being polite!  And she should know!  So I guess I’m on the right track.  Once my new birthday cookbooks arrive, one of which is Mexican, I’ll be off to a good start.  I made a black and kidney beans dish with lots of kinds of Mexican chilies, spices, and herbs; brown rice; a cheesy vegetable casserole; whole grain tortillas; coconut banana custard; and other appropriate sides.  (And of course, leftover birthday cake, by E.)

Lots of people have made this birthday one of the best ever, you know who you are.  (All my birthday movies arrived today!  There’s a serious marathon in our future.)  Most of my birthdays in recent years have gone by non-eventfully, which is what I’ve come to expect, so this was a bonus.  Thanks, everyone!

Well, moving on to more serious things…drinking.  Head on over to the V-bar.  Drinks on the house, whenever I remember to bartend.  Someday I hope to have a ‘real’ AI virtual bar, with all the amenities and atmosphere.  Maybe a hi-tech Rick’s, with music requests.  Any techies feel free to consult!  (I’m sure someone’s already doing it.)


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