Here’s an example of living in the underbelly of an already backward state.

E went to trade in some of her old jewelry for cash.  The jewelry store is in the travesty that is the city of Xenia, full of poverty and crime.  The shopkeeper said they don’t keep cash in the store (for obvious reasons), so he wrote a check to be cashed at a local bank they deal with.

It turns out, not surprisingly, that this so-called ‘bank’ was more like one of those pay-day loan shark scams that are so prevalent here.  Not only did they charge a huge ‘fee’ to cash the check, but they FINGERPRINTED her!  Just like a prison state!  And were nasty to her, on top of it.

This is what poor people have to live with in states like Ohio.  They don’t even know there are choices, let alone have access to them.  They get caught in a powerless rut that corrupt politicians keep them in.  This is why we are so out of here, once we can regroup and recover enough to afford to get out.  The people of places like Flint, Michigan, are not so fortunate.


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