Sea Lion

Since a sea lion pup was in the news, I’ve been assigned the topic of sea lion.  I’ve narrowed it down to five fun facts.

  1. Sea lions are found in most oceans EXCEPT the North Atlantic.  We’re not sure why.
  2. Their main predators are whales and sharks, but their biggest threat is man, due to water pollution, competition, and climate change.
  3. Sea lions and seals are completely different animals.  Sea lions have external ear flaps, walk on all fours on land, and use their front flippers to swim.  Seals bounce on their bellies on land, and use their hind flippers to swim.
  4. Sea lions eat anchovies, herring, salmon, sardines, squid, and octopus (much the same diet I would prefer, so maybe I’m actually a sea lion).  They swallow their food whole (which I try not to do), even though they have sharp teeth (which I do not).
  5. A full grown male is larger than a human male, and much heavier, unless you’re really fat.  The pup in the restaurant was undersized due to malnutrition (probably due to conditions caused by climate change caused by man).


There you have your fun sea lion facts.  Flipping awesome.

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