Erev in a Fog

I’ve been sick so long, in a NyQuil fog, that it’s hard to tell what day it is.  It seems to have settled down into a bronchitis-like state.  Now isn’t that more like my depressing old self?  😉  Happy Erev from the netherworld.

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One thought on “Erev in a Fog

  1. You’re still a lot of fun! and you will be better soon 🙂 then we will go out and enjoy ourselves, doing all the things we have put off doing. Still want, and need to go to WFM, see our friend at the Birdcage, Library, Ye’ Old Trail Tavern, and next Friday, one of the biggest things I have been waiting for happens….I thought we would celebrate by going to the Tavern, if this sounds good to you.

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