and…8 lights, the grand finale

hanukkah always goes by too fast.  but we had a pretty good one—latkes, blintzes, pizza(?), our fun new dreidel drinking game (by YT copyright trademark)*, enhanced by the fine See’s chocolate assortment The Bobs so kindly sent, and NOT the insanity frenzy of the outside world this time of year.  and ‘in case’ we gained too much weight, the new torture machine is lurking diabolically in the background.  yay.  so all in all, not bad.  see following post for actual candle-lighting.  i wanted to drag it out as long as i could.

*to review:

nun= 🙁 no one drinks.

gimel= all drink.

hey= all toast “HEY” and drink.

shin= other person drinks yours, you pass. in a group: everyone drinks but you.

if chocolate enters the equation, just eat some at every gimel (and maybe cheat a little, if you’re candy-deprived the rest of the year, like us.)

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