8 lights p.2 official

and here it is…the grand finale, complete with a rare sighting of YT, just to be different.  hopefully after hanukkah, the evil torture machine will do its diabolical work.  meanwhile, happy 8th.  sad to see it go, but it was good.  E made pizza, of course. i finally relented and put the pandora hanukkah station on.  corny!!  and now to transition to ‘that’ time of year, may it pass soon. but the lights are shiny, at any rate.

Picture1213151808_1 Picture1213151756_1 Picture1213151736_1 Picture1213151735_8 Picture1213151735_7 Picture1213151735_6 Picture1213151735_5 Picture1213151735_4 Picture1213151735_3 Picture1213151735_2




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