belated erev thoughts

i got a little distracted by deteriorating world events last night, so i failed to post my usual erev pictures, and then it somehow seemed inappropriate to appear to be feasting while Paris was getting all shot to hell, sts, so i’ll just leave you with these.  the bread is a homemade pumpkin bread with nuts, fruits, and spices.

just a little shabbat thought: may the whole world not get even more paranoid, hysterical, and xenophobic about refugees and immigrants, themselves fleeing terrorism, than it already is.  may we not be stupid and crazy enough to build more berlin walls and start more pointless, destructive wars with inexcusable collateral damage, or elect the maniacs who preach it.  we’ve seen how well that works.  let’s be mature, rational adults here, and not get sucked down by infantile politicians who don’t care if innocent children get gunned down, orphaned, or deported in the name of ‘security’.  you don’t defeat terrorists by being one.  thank you, that’s all.  back to our regularly scheduled program.

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