mini-rant spoiler alert

i just have to say this: why is it that after every shooting rampage, all the gun fanatics get online and go ballistic on why we absolutely need more access to guns?  i just don’t get it.  because more crazy people are able to use loopholes to obtain guns and shoot lots of innocent bystanders, we need even more of same?  for what, to hypothetically defend ourselves against all the easily-obtained guns?  i already know what my gun-loving friends will say, but it just doesn’t make any sense to me.  left to our own devices, we  humans tend not to self-regulate or use self-control, and we don’t tend to demonstrate those values to our children.  guns are for killing something or someone, plain and simple.  why do we want to make them easier for unstable people to get?  call me simple, but that’s insane and irrational.  ok, that’s my rant.  do not respond unless you have something rational to contribute.


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