and…waiting some more

appearances are deceptive.  it looks like a calm, festive scene here.  don’t be fooled!  😉

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 in the background, we are being put through bureaucratic hell just trying to qualify for a loan for a tiny mobile home on a small piece of land in TN, because of past circumstances outside of our control.  we’re dreading the possibility that we may have to winter over here again, and start over once the legalistic dust has settled in spring.  not a fun prospect, but beggars can’t be choosers.

other people’s selfish behavior, or your own responses or lack thereof, can come back to haunt you in so many ways.  they don’t teach kids that growing up.  you could avoid so much aggravation or sorrow later on.  life when you’re born different is hard enough, without allowing ignorant abusers to control your outcomes.  you can’t always undo the damage, but you can control your own choices going forward.

this is something some of us unfortunately learn the hard way, much later in life, because we didn’t receive the proper emotional, mental, or physical tools to live a healthy life, or we were so indoctrinated to conform and submit to abuse or irresponsible behavior.  save yourself some heartache, learn from your experiences, get away from chaotic, destructive influences, and don’t perpetuate others’ misguided mistakes.  this is called being a grownup.

just a calm reflection, on a non-eventful rosh hashanah.

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