official welcome to my ‘new’ site

i’m back, thanks to my son for setting me up with my own website to take out all my morbid frustrations on an unwitting—person? howling void? any hypothetical public i might have had was undoutedly lost at the first few posts, back on posterous when i first moved back to the Vortex Of Evil [voe]. if you’re that one determined person (or void), you know why! it requires a strong propensity to wallow in depression, mine or yours! or the world’s!

originally i just wanted an outlet to vent to myself, but also to practice writing for a pretend public. by now, i’ve gotten a lot of the ranting and venting out of my system, and it sounds monotonous even to me. it’s not the most endearing way to connect to fellow humans, or even aliens. people generally want to hear vacuous heartwarming stuff, not death, dying, desolation, go figure! and aliens would be like, humans are so cynical and depressing, let’s kill them! rid the universe of vermin!

hem. anyway… i’m thinking of branching out into less self-pity and more whatever else there is to talk about. i avoid political topics, leave that to the hysterical ranters and ‘experts’. also i’m no debater. i just know what i despise, and what probably has no chance of prevailing in this backward, regressive environment. there you have all i’m going to say on that subject!

so that leaves… um.  i’d say i’m out of practice being positive, except i never have been to begin with!  it’s new, uncharted territory.  famous last words.  every time i try this (hardly ever) my settings automatically revert to ‘dark and dismal’.  it’s where i live.  literally and figuratively.

i know!  i’ll just change the subject to music.  can’t go wrong there.  my granddaughter [gd] let me listen to her SP ‘oceania’ and i love it.  (does this sound too vacuous and heartwarming?)  she and i just happen to share the same tastes in music, so it works out well.  i add to her exposure to classic psychedelia, which she appreciates, and she introduces me to more new stuff that we both love.  i never got frozen at some music dead-end, as so many do, i just keep absorbing indefinitely, so i actually end up introducing her and other kids to their ‘own’ music!  cuz i’m cool like dat.

well that’s about all the happy stuff i can handle for one session, so i’m out for now.  stay tuned, if you’re even there.


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