Best Birthday and Family EVER

Avdi took me out to Gian-Tony’s on the Hill for a birthday dinner and drinks.  We actually got to sit in quiet ambience and talk and enjoy a meal together.  We even had tiramisu!  Thanks to Jess for taking care of the details and watching the kids.  It was a wonderful evening.  At home, E had baked me a perfect doughnut and made me a bracelet, K gave me cookies, Joyce came over and gave me a cake she had baked, and S offered to be my “servant” the next day!  Then I spent the night.

Erev didn’t quite come together as planned, due to some incidental circumstances, but E came to the rescue and salvaged the situation on their own initiative and insistence.  They even kindly listened as I shared a sorrowful personal discovery that shook me deeply.  A friend I used to be close to but lost track of had died of diabetes six years ago, and I only just found out because of a weird series of dreams.  It felt like a gut punch.  Out of nowhere I found myself crying, which rarely happens anymore.

It actually snowed all day.  The kids were all home for a long weekend, so it wasn’t technically a snow day, but they still enjoyed it.  I ended up just hibernating downstairs all afternoon, trying to process.  Meanwhile, a miracle happened.  E baked their first challot, which were excellent, and cooked a whole perfect dinner of fish, potatoes and salad, which were on the table right in time for Shabbat.  They are an amazing person.  I was so impressed and proud.

That strange cake-looking thing Avdi is contemplating at the restaurant is actually a giant stuffed artichoke…appetizer!



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