Finding our Groove

Yesterday I was able to stay home and drive to two medical appointments, labwork and a second vaccine.  I also finished making my other overdue medical appointments, and arranging rides for each.  That took much of the day, but things were calm enough at Avdi’s that he didn’t need me.

Today I went over there late morning to stay with Y while A went to an appointment, and I got some chores done.  Later I picked up S from camp.  Once again he was very happy, with no issues.  He’s been making some friends.  That experience has been very beneficial for him.

I made dinner, and stayed with Y again while A took S to get some sneakers for camp tomorrow.  It was a very quiet day.  I drove home this evening.  Tomorrow I’ll do Erev Shabbat preps, stay overnight, and relinquish the car.

If this post seems extra boring and non-eventful, that’s a good thing, believe me.  Maybe it’s just a fluke, or maybe it’s that we’re starting to settle down into a rhythm.

Here are random photos.  I got the skeleton for Y for her birthday.  She made the mask.  The tomatoes are fresh from the garden.


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