Making Lemonade

I just love waking to the cheery sound of juvenile delinquents screaming and throwing furniture at each other.  So adorable.  They may be my gkids, but I’m not biased!

Yep, we were off to another great start this morning.  Things settled down after that.  Y sulked in her room, while S glommed onto me.  The usual.  I tried to find things to do.

Avdi stayed away longer than usual (maybe telepathic?) because (as it turned out) he wasn’t feeling well.  I can imagine why his immunity might be weakened.  So I volunteered to mow the lawn.

It was humid after last night’s big storm, but not quite as brutally hot.  (Now a heat index below the 100s seems cooler!)  Relieved flowers towered over the garden.  I even managed to photograph a monarch and a chipmunk.

Afterwards I hosed myself down (you could almost hear the hiss of steam!) and drank a well-earned beer.  Sigh of relief.  Then I walked home.

On the way, I met some really nice neighbors of Avdi’s selling lemonade–all three generations of the family were out there.  They had met S earlier, when he bought me a lemonade.  We had lots in common to talk about.  I felt so much better just getting to meet some new grownups!  Also, they have a pit bull mix rescue for me to meet next time!  It doesn’t take much to make my day.






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