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Bad pun alert: today was edentful.  That’s when you go to a routine first consult with a new dentist, end up spending much of the day starting on procedures, with another session lined up for the very next day!  (It would have been the same day, only the insurance doesn’t allow for it.)

It’s just the start of a whole schedule of necessary treatments and procedures culminating hopefully in implants.  It seems my mouth is a disaster zone.  My whole mouth is trying to fall out of my mouth.  That’s what I get for being the genetic dental loser of the family, and for having to delay maintenance.  But I should be back on track now.  So this was a good day.

On the way back, Avdi stopped in at J’s, so they could resume work.  I got my kitty and doggie (next door) fix!  Pixie even came out to play with me, and watched as Eric and I did a little garden maintenance.  I even got an excellent homemade burger out of the deal.

Apologies for sounding like an old person, whose day consists of medical procedures, cats, and gardening.  (And needing to beg rides.)  I’m very grateful just to be able to do all the above.


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